Speaking Topics & Conferences/ Presentations/ Trainings w/CEU

* Teen & Family Therapy
* Divorce Prevention
*Divorce with or without collaberative approach, co-parenting, mediation, blended family issues, parental alienation
*Attachment related issues
* Learning Disorders
* Executive Functioning Disorders
*Aspergers Spectrum Disorder(High Functioning Autism) including NVLD
*Anger Management
*Sexual Wellness: Solving Premature Ejaculation, Secrets of Enhancing Female Orgasms, Emotional Communication and
re-learning how to date, refinding romance, how to re-fall in love
*Developing or Enhancing Developing Theory of Others Mind
*Developing or Enhancing Empathy
*Dissociation including DID
*Trauma and Psychosis with Talking Therapy and/or Complimentary/Alternative Medicine & Talking Therapy
*Bullying Prevention and Therapy
*Bullying Debriefing and Therapy
*The nexus between Learning Disorders and Personality Disorders
*Healing Blended families
* Ethics Issues for providers with the upcoming DSM V concerns -New Challenges in the consulting room.
*Family Psychoeducation For Handling Personality Disorders, Mental Illness, Drugs and Alcohol
*Family or Partner Psychoeducation For Handling Issues with Trauma Survivors including PTSD, DID
* Family or Partner Psychoeducation For Handling Issues with Veterens.
*Partners of Survivors

* Dual Diagnosis-Co-Occurring Disorders( MH and substance /or impulse control addiction disorders like internet, video games,
gambling. Includes Denial Management, Pain Management. Also includes Motivational Interviewing Skills Training.

If your organization would like to book Mr. Buck he is an eloquent speaker with years of experience training therapists using case vignettes and powerpoint presentations.

In most cases his approach is comparative and integrative. He includes the latest in related neuroscience discoveries in most presentations. Mr. Buck takes pride in his bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective. Please call (530) 400-3275 for rates and custom program concerns. He is used to CEU routine requirements for BBS and BOP and Medical Board Ceu.

He has trained in many multidisciplinary enviornments including school districts, public clinics, and Seminars for both licensed and pre-licensed clinicians, parents, general public, church groups, moderator of mental health forums at the Capitol including State and Local Government organizations, consumers, families etc.

See "About Me" for more info

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