Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

We took our teenage daughter who was depressed and cutting herself to Mr. Buck after several therapists were unable to connect with her or with us as parents. Mr. Buck has an active approach that helped us learn to communicate in new ways. He somehow earned her trust and then brought us in to learn what he discovered from our daughter every 5th session. He teamed up with a psychiatrist to help us taper the meds as our daughter learned new coping skills. We are quite pleased with Eric Buck and his approach.

-Michael P.

I was court ordered for Anger Management and Mr. Buck described his 10 and 20 week programs in his Anger Management Training Solutions ( Part of Skill Studios Learning Center) at first i thought it was very expensive. But the one on one approach was more confidential and since he was able to bring in my wife every 5 sessions to keep me honest and also work on her problems it was worth it. He said when you buy a Mercedes it really is worth it if you can afford it. I wanted to satisfy the courts but really i wanted to save my Marriage. Now 3 years later that is just what happened and the 20 week program benefits continue to pay off even now. Since we wanted to thrive and not just survive we stuck with it into the 20th week and our relationship is now beyond what we had expected was possible. I would try to get whatever services you can afford from this guy.

-Arturo F.

My son needed help with socializing in school and with his attention problems. Eric had some great tools for ADD and executive functioning -organizational problems that worked. He is now less anxious and has friends. Eric gave us some tools for excersize, sleep and nutrition that really helped. My son was slow to adapt but Eric supported me to keep making one step at a time and now 9 months later i see a major difference. Even the teacher is amazed.

-Susan B.

My husband and I had some empty nest problems after the kids moved out and things were very distant between us. My husband developed a drinking problem and internet porn problem 5 years ago and we had moved into separate rooms. We went to see Mr. Buck and within 6 weeks we were back in the same bed and my husband was in recovery. Over that next year we learned about vulnerability and attachment and dual diagnosis. The idea that this was a 2 person problem not just his problem was a new concept for me. I wish we had gone to Mr. Buck sooner. It was hard work but Buck is a great coach.

-Marissa G.

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