About Me

About Me
Eric Buck, MA MFT

Mr. Buck has been in practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Davis and Sacramento for 24 yrs. He has been an Advanced Candidate and Doctoral Candidate at The Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California in San Francisco. He obtained his Masters in Psychology at New College of California in San Francisco in 1989.

Mr. Buck went on to extensive post-graduate training including Dual Diagnosis(aka Co-Occuring Disorders), Personality Disorders, Trauma –Psychosis Spectrum, (including Anxiety and Dissociation) and treatment of Aspbergers Spectrum Disorders. He has developed a sub-specialty in the nexus between Learning Disorders and Personality Disorders of the self .

His dissertation research is on Psychosomatic Processes namely Somatic Splitting In Disorders of the Self and Self-Representation/schemas. In simple terms his research is on how emotional life( or death) is lived in the theaters of the body.

In addition to his private practice he teaches licensed therapists in case conference and individually who are seeking to learn contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Psychoanalytic Psychology Training Associates Seminars in Sacramento. He has also taught(as Adjunct Faculty) in the Doctoral Clinical Psychology and Doctoral Forensic Psychology Tracks of CSPP – Alliant International University .

Mr. Buck has been the Director of Clinical Education and Training at HRC North Area Regional Clinic from 2003 to 2009 where he taught and supervised clinicians in the psychological treatment of psychosis and severe personality disorders.

In 1991 Mr. Buck was awarded the Mental Health Worker of the Year Award by the Sacramento-Placer Chapter of the Mental Health Association for his work in the community psychiatric field of Dual Diagnosis Treatment(of Co-Occuring Disorders) and his co-founding the Sacramento County Dual Diagnosis Task Force .

In 2001 Mr. Buck co-founded the Sacramento Valley Education Committee of The Northern California Society For Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy which is part of Division 39 of the American Psychological Association.

More About us

Most of the techniques I use are research tested and I have received special post-graduate training to become skillful with them. For instance my couples work is highly influenced by the research of John Gottman of the Gottman Institute in Seattle . You can read about the research and the methods by going to www.gottman.com. My usual approach works best with people that have difficulties in work , love , or play or people who have disorders of the self .

Often times successful people come to me for working on areas that need attention or that are creating obstacles for their continued success. For example many people have not finished grieving or mourning for certain loved ones or life stages and this can become an unconscious obstacle.

My patients often come to see me to take a new path and deeper approach to dealing with anxiety and or depression issues and we have been very successful over the years in treating issues in these areas including anxiety with agoraphobia.

Because of my ability to listen and see from many psychotherapeutic lenses & speak many psychotherapeutic languages including family systems therapy and individual therapy, I have always had a concentration in my work for Special Services For Teenagers and Families .

My work is focused on making the unconscious conscious and helping people become more integrated. In simple terms this means that healing can come from linking thinking with feelings, inner with outer, past with present, beliefs with behaviors and emotions, fantasy and reality, waking states and dream states. This is particularly important with patients who have suffered trauma or abuse of various kinds or who are extremely sensitive.

Naturally, this approach is well suited for those on various symptom spectrums in which they are deficient in empathy for others and themselves and at the same time have trouble developing a a ‘theory o f mind’ for self and others.

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